About Stewart Rojo

Stewart Rojo has been licensed to practice law in the State of Texas since 1990.  He graduated from Texas Southern University in Houston Texas and started working for the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Enforcement Division soon after graduation from law school.   

He was hired by the City of Austin Law Department and went to work as a Prosecutor in Austin Municipal Court where he worked for over six years.  It is there where he gained a special knowledge about traffic law and other Class C misdemeanors.  He prosecuted thousands of cases during this time.  He has tried hundreds of jury and bench trials during his career as a prosecutor.   

Because it has always been his nature to give people the benefit if the doubt even when he was in charge of enforcing the law they were accused of breaking, he soon realized that he was better suited to representing individuals rather than prosecuting them. 

He has been in private practice representing people in traffic court since 1996.  He has represented thousands of individuals charged with traffic and other various class C misdemeanors

He has gained a special knowledge of each of the surrounding courts where he appears.  He knows a lot of the prosecutors, judges and most importantly the clerks who are the backbone of the court and the ones you go to when you need something done.  Let him put his special knowledge to work for you.